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Cairngorms Plateau

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Nowhere in the British Isles is as high above sea level, over such a wide area. The Cairngorm plateau encompasses four of the highest mountains in the UK and wildlife and weather that can properly described as Arctic.


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Discover Britain’s Ice Age heritage on the Cairngorms plateau.

Amid jumbles of ice shattered and wind eroded granite boulders, we should find the hardy ptarmigan. These arctic grouse have beautiful and amazingly effective camouflage, making them a challenge to find! Mountain hares will be watching us on the hillsides and the soaring glacier-carved cliffs sometimes hold snow bunting or peregrine falcon. It’s not impossible for us to meet a herd of reindeer too – these gentle beasts are part of a herd reintroduced into the Cairngorms after World War Two. Another wonderful species we may find in summer is the dotterel. This engimatic and attractive wader splits its time between Morocco, Scotland and, sometimes Norway.

The summer wildflowers are also pretty stunning despite their small size, with trailing azalea, globeflower, cloudberry, moss campion and starry saxifrage all there to be found.

There’s also a rich Gaelic heritage to be found in mountain placenames – yet another great reason to explore the Cairngorm plateau.

NOTE: The mountain railway may be used for access in some circumstances. In summer, train passengers are only allowed to view from the top station and its viewing terrace. Access in winter conditions is highly weather dependant and may require use of ice axe and crampons.

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