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Open canoes (sometimes referred to as ‘Canadian canoes’) are one of the best modes of transport for exploring our lochs and waterways. Either paddled solo or double, these reliable craft offer loads of storage space for day trips or overnight expeditions. For centuries, canoes of various forms have been used to access places that are difficult or impossible to get to in any other way and, with all the necessary safety equipment, we will enjoy the same freedom.

Depending on your experience, we might spend a short time familiarising you with the boat and paddle, before undertaking a simple journey, stopping en route for lunch and exploring. Depending on conditions, we could use freshwater or sea lochs, or indeed suitable stretches of sheltered coastline or slow moving river.

You could learn the finer points of various canoeing paddle strokes. You could experiment with sailing an improvised canoe raft. Or you could simply cruise and enjoy the views and chat. Not a bad way to spend a day or two!

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April to November (approx)


1 Day – Multiple Days

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Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult parent/guardian., You should have a reasonable level of fitness and be able to swim 50m.

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