If you haven’t journeyed in Scotland much, you might be surprised that the weather isn’t always as ‘dreich’ (great word) as the media might portray it. True, the windspeed on Cairngorm is not infrequently over 100mph and rainfall in the west can average around 3000mm per year ( around three times that for England and Wales ). However, you do get ‘four seasons in one day’ and wonderful, settled periods of fine weather, both in winter and summer. Because of our location and terrain, our weather is always changing. Experienced guides are used to picking up the clues of weather changes and selecting locations that, amazingly, can give you much better weather than the national forecast.  I was once leading a German guest, who after a week decided:

“If you don’t like the weather in Scotland, wait 10 minutes.”

So, bring warm layers, hat and gloves and a proper hooded waterproof jacket. And maybe waterproof trousers, sunhat and sunscreen, just to be sure![

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