Walking Grades

Below is an explanation of the walking grades:

Grade 1

Minimal walking required, usually 1 mile or less at a time. Almost always on level trails and paths. Often roadside. Assistance usually easily available.

Winter: There may be some snow and ice, but this will usually be limited or avoidable.

Grade 2

Walks usually up to about 5 miles. Often involve some good paths, but also steep/loose/wet/muddy sections which may not be avoidable. Assistance will usually be available. Obstacles such as stiles, gates and boulders may be encountered.

Winter: Snow and ice covered sections may be unavoidable but any slips should not have serious consequences.

Grade 3

Walks will involve long sections without good paths, with long periods of ascent and descent, sometimes over rough and/or slippery terrain. Distances will usually be over 5 miles. Obstacles such as boulders, stiles, deep heather, stepping stones, etc will occur. Assistance will be available, but guests should have good mobility and fitness.

Winter: Snow and ice cover, together with the steepness of the terrain, will mean use of ice axe, crampons and perhaps helmet is essential.

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