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About Arc Guiding

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Arc Guiding started in about 2003, when Malcolm O’Reilly left full-time employment as an outdoor instructor to work on a freelance basis. Since then, the company has provided a wide range of guided outdoor experiences to visitors and continues to provide freelance guiding and instructing to several leading companies in the Cairngorms National Park and beyond (view B2B guiding and instruction).

Arc Guiding website

The website was launched early on, with early development work done by a vibrant and successful hosting and advertising company Yellow Cherry Digital, based in Inverness. The website and bookings are all now managed in-house by Arc Guiding. We’re quite a creative family and, for the moment, prefer to have more control of the business, rather than relying on a large international booking company. Several years ago, online booking was introduced to the website, and upgraded considerably during 2021. The company takes customer Privacy seriously – for example, by careful management of tracking Cookies. We started producing a newsletter in 2022 (see below) and you can contact us via a variety of channels.


So far, Malcolm is the only member of staff , but Arc Guiding does have the ability to employ other guides if needed. Guest safety is a key consideration in all our activities, with regular reviews, training and CPD undertaken. Learn more about outdoor safety and check out details of Malcolm’s Qualifications and Insurance.

Arc Guiding leadership

As well as high safety standards, we are committed to quality learning, sustainability and customer experience. After freelance leading, private guiding makes up the next largest proportion of our work. We aim to give customers a good amount of flexibility in terms of dates and itineraries, while staying true to our core mission of giving people memorable and enriching experiences of nature. To this end, Arc Guiding connects with selected local partner companies and groups in the Cairngorms National Park, together with certain national and international conservation and adventure organisations.