Wildlife and outdoor guiding in Scotland

hill walking activity in the Cairngorms

Based in the Cairngorms for over twenty years, Arc Guiding provides outdoor activities in Scotland, focused on adventure and wildlife. The Highlands of Scotland offers a wealth of outdoor activities, year round. Whether you are looking for excitement or relaxation, on land or water, summer or winter, there’s something for everyone.

Whether this is your first venture into the mountains or you are already experienced I highly recommend Arc Guiding!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Andrew , UK

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Adventures this season

The range of outdoor activities in Scotland is world-class and the Cairngorms is a great base. From ancient forests, to wild mountain plateaus, the Cairngorms provides lots of opportunities for discovery and adventure, year-round. In fact, what you learn here, you can take anywhere – that’s why adventurers and naturalists have been exploring the Highlands for centuries.

malcolm oreilly guide

Leading adventure activities in Scotland

Malcolm O’Reilly is passionate about exploring the natural world and leading adventure sports. As both a wildlife guide and adventure sports instructor, he is well placed to help you explore the wilds of Scotland.

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