Wildlife Tours in Scotland

Scottish wildlife tours with Arc Guiding

The Highlands of Scotland are the backdrop for these wildlife and nature tours. We will bring you in-depth understanding of the local weather, habitats and species, plus great leadership skills.

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With a backdrop of spectacular scenery and ancient history, Scottish wildlife is world-class. This country includes many areas that are protected by national and international wildlife designations. Two National Parks, dozens of inhabited islands and a wide range of coastal and upland habitats means Scotland provides plenty of scope for memorable wildlife tours and nature experiences.

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A tour of the rugged Northern Highlands, for example, can provide views of some of the most iconic wildlife in Scotland. Sightings can include golden eagles soaring over mountains, colourful puffins on sea cliffs and elusive otters frolicking along seaweed-strewn shores. If you are keen on learning about and watching Scottish wildlife, then a trip here can help you find what you might otherwise have missed!
The Cairngorms National Park offers a huge range of possibilities. There’s ancient pine forests, subarctic habitat, windswept moors and a myriad of lowland habitats. With some Scotland’s rarest species present, joining a professionally-run wildlife tour can help you stay safe and legal. Meanwhile, the cliffs, coasts and estuaries of Moray and the Black Isle offer a completely different feel, with equally good birding and wildlife-watching.
Although Scotland is a fantastic place for enjoying nature, the guided option is often a wise decision. Our changeable weather and rugged landscape demands good preparation and a flexible approach. Arc Guiding wildlife tours have the expertise to help you explore the best of Scotland’s wild habitats!

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